Mark O’Mara is the NYC consultant that’s changing things.

Imagine that you’re an owner of a New York City company, trying to juggle a million things at once. You realize suddenly that you are lost in a maze of corporate challenges. https://markomara.ny has a talent to transform chaos into order.

Mark isn’t your standard consultant. Imagine a guy that can walk in a room with frantic executives and have them all feel as though they just received an espresso shot. His secret sauce? The secret sauce is a combination of experience, intuition and possibly a touch of magic.

Sarah, for example. She runs a Brooklyn-based start-up and was buried in operational hiccups. Mark made one call and everything started to look up. “It’s as if he knew exactly the kind of help my business needed,” she said with a smile. “He wasn’t just offering solutions; he also offered peace-of-mind.”

Mark is unique in his ability to cut through the fog which often obscures business decisions. He has this incredible ability to identify issues others might overlook. It’s absolutely invaluable in NYC, where the pace is so fast.

Mark is known for his directness. Here, you won’t find any jargonous monologues nor confusing charts. He speaks with you as though he’s a long-time friend, who truly wants to assist. It’s refreshing to hear someone who isn’t interested in their own opinions but rather your problems.

Mark may seem laid back, but don’t be fooled by his demeanor. He is as sharp as a pin. He’s done it more than he wants to admit.

Mark, on the other hand, managed to streamline processes for a mid-sized technology firm in downtown. They saw a 30% rise in productivity after only a few short months. Tom, Tom, the CEO of this firm said that they were “spinning our wheels” before Mark arrived. “Now we’re cruising.”

Mark doesn’t just care about the numbers. He also cares about the people. He realizes that human beings are working hard to make every spreadsheet, KPI, and other data work. It is clear that his empathy shows in everything he says and does.

Mark has a lot of muscle in the area of strategy. Whether it is financial planning or marketing strategies, Mark’s arsenal of tactics are ready at a moments notice.

Mark came up with some innovative ideas on how to engage customers in Jane’s niche advertising agency.

Jane recalls her experience with wide eyes. “We weren’t only retaining customers, we were attracting clients left and right.” It was almost like flipping the switch from survival mode to growth mode.

Another feather on his cap? Mark’s adaptability. Mark understands that what worked today may not work tomorrow. So Mark is always one stage ahead. He constantly refines his method based on the latest data and emerging pattern.

Mark O’Mara can help you get back on track if your business is facing challenges.