Pipe Dreams: A Quirky Look at the World of Plumbers

Now you’re knee deep in water and cursing a clogged sink. What’s that? Why is the toilet refusing to flush? Ugh, plumbing problems. Your house seems to be playing a cruel trick on you. We’re lucky to have Plumbers in San Diego, CA on hand for every household emergency. Ever wondered what plumbers do in their daily lives? Get ready to dive in.

Plumbing wizards do more than just arrive with a box of tools and a pipe-wrench. The truth is, there’s much more to plumbing than meets the eye. Think of the plumbers as being part of the backstage staff at a concert. They are literally the backstage crew of a rock concert.

Imagine Bob as the local plumber. He’s been through it all, from minor leaks during the night to massive pipe bursts rivaling Niagara Falls. Bob’s not just fixing pipes. He’s also saving your carpet from being turned into a small lake. Bob has stories that will make your hair stand up. One time, he discovered a family living in a drain system. True story!

Some of these people are not only juggling pipes. They often have to contend with ancient plumbing setups in homes. It can be tricky.