The Road to Recovery Rhinoplasty Version

Rhinoplasty – or a nose job seattle as it is also called – is more complicated than a simple nip and pluck. This journey requires patience, dedication, and humor.

The recovery process is a very important part of the surgery.

Let’s discuss the immediate effects. You feel groggy after the surgery and your nose feels like a truck has hit it. Not exactly glamorous is it? Consider raccoon fashion if you notice some swelling and bruising near your eyes. This usually begins to subside after two days.

Be prepared to feel a bit stuffy. Due to internal packing and splints you might not be able breathe through your nostrils for a few days.

The worst cold without sneezing fits. After a week, most surgeons will remove the stitches.

In the spirit of weeks, lets talk about that first post-op one. Most likely, you’ll have an external splint placed on your face to keep it in place until the healing process is complete. This isn’t exactly Instagram-friendly. But hey, beauty comes at a price. Even while sleeping, elevate your head. Pillows will help you reduce swelling.

You will likely see your first doctor after a week. After the splint has been removed, you can see what your new nase looks like! You shouldn’t make any judgments yet. There is still some swelling.

The swelling will usually go down within two to three weeks. However, the swelling that is not as severe can persist up until a year. You read correctly, an entire year. Plan ahead if you are planning to have surgery before a major event such as graduation or a wedding.

Let’s discuss pain management. It isn’t excruciating, but there will be discomfort. Imagine a mild soreness as opposed to a sharp pain. You may be prescribed painkillers by your doctor, but you will only need them during the first few weeks.

Activity-wise? Take it Easy! Three weeks of no heavy lifting, or strenuous activities. Light walking can be beneficial to keep the blood flowing and help prevent clots.

A common mistake is to ignore sun exposure while recovering. Because your skin will be sensitive, apply sunscreen as if you were going out in the rain.

We shouldn’t overlook emotional healing, either. It’s an emotional rollercoaster to see your face change, and deal with the temporary imperfections that come along as things settle in place.

Oh! What no one told you is that sneezing itself has become an Olympic Sport! Avoid putting pressure on the nose by sneezing while your mouth is open.

As for makeup, wait to apply anything near the surgical areas until you have been given the OK by your doctor. This usually occurs two weeks post-op.

As the healing progresses and you notice daily changes, eventually your dream-nose will be realized!

It’s that simple. That is the truth on how to recover from rhinoplasty surgery. Everyone heals differently. So always follow your doctor’s advice.

Any funny or unusual stories after surgery? Share your stories with us! We would love for you to share how others managed their rhinoplasty experiences.